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  • January 17, 2016

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Make money!
Simple and effective!
The user calls the phone number with call rates fix.: 6,88kn / min; Mob.: 8,28kn / min
and IVR redirect on voice content

Why working with us?
Service earns;
Service is completely automated web; You just follow your profits
Co-operation without initial and monthly fees (for 0 £)
The service is available and adapted to all users in Croatia
Service is non-stop available 0-24
You can follow the on-line statistics
Your revenue share is 4.00 kn / min
Payment of your income is regular and safe
The payment is within 7 days of receipt of the invoice (min. Invoice amount HRK 200)
The possibility of cooperation with legal and natural persons

value-added service (VAS)
A number of Value Added Services (VAS)
mobile and fixed network
Billing phone voice content VAS IVR
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) short code

      • ivr
      • ivr1
      • IVR_Services
      • IVR-for-Call-Management-Sys
      • IVR-premium-numbers-2
      • 0800dialit
      • call-manager-2


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Price 1 - EUR -
Phone 099

Pronar: Željko

Adresë: Zagreb, Kroacia

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