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A 15-persons bike for Picnic-events, conference bar bike , Party bike bus, beer bike, bier bike, pedal tavern, cycle pub, pedaler pub, trolley pub, pub crawler, pedal pub …
…no matter what you call it, it’s just plain FUN !

The Beer Bike can be used at resorts, business conferences, birthday parties, wedding parties, as a tourist activity. Why not start a new career and get out there on The elecro Beer Bike?
Made in Croatia Hrvatska Europe

New model – new reduced price

The best quality Materials :
Frame – iron
Roof – Fixed aluminum upper top with a removable blue lexan polycarbonate sheet
Open aluminum storage shelves under upper top, Stainless steel handrail
Siding – Aluminum sheeting with a custom textured finish
Seats – three height adjustable, gel filled bicycle seats each side
Lights – 12-volt LED rope lighting, Dual LED headlights, bullet-style brake LED lights and LED turn signals
Audio Equipment
Solar Battery Charging Panels system with deep Battery
Inverter 220v
LED Turn Signal Light
Spot Head Light
RGB 12V IR Controller Receiver LED Flexible SMD Strip
DC Motor Speed Regulator Controller
Turn Signal light Horn Handlebars
4 Way Multi Socket Auto Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter USB Plug Adapter Charger
2X Tail Brake Stop Light 19 LED Rear Lamps Indicator 24V
DC për të inverter fuqia AC 220V
Auto Switch MPPT Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller
2 Camera SMS Real time GPS
Disco light bulb

Automotive tires ,Automotive axles
Pedal Assembly – Standard bicycle pedal assemblies with pedals
Steering – Automotive rack and pinion steering with a steering wheel
Brakes – Hydraulic disc brakes and parking brakes
Floor – Diamond plate aluminum on the interior floor
Factory Training – You will receive hands on factory training prior to shipment
Two Camera system, GPS, ONLINE, Sms send picture upload, usb charged

The Party Bike with the electric assist is approximately 4,8m feet long, approximately 2,6m feet high and approximately 1,8 m wide. The Party Bike with the electric assist.
The Party Bike is a group bicycle powered by the pedaling of people. In addition to the pedalers, there is an upholstered seat for non-pedaling guests in the back. There is also room for standing servers on the center catwalk and the driver. And don’t forget the electric assist motor to help on those hills.
Electro Pedal bus is one of the 15-passenger human-powered vehicles with electromotors.
The PedalPub, open-air party bus,
the new 15-person pedal-powered party bus that will be used for pub crawls, private parties etc,
The pedal buses are designed for partying
A total of 15 passengers power the party wagon is as easy as a 10-speed in fourth gear. There is a driver who steers and brakes, a tour guide who serves the guests and room for coolers and beer.
The Pedal Party, is a group-oriented rental amusement activity, similar to a Party Bus, looks like a trolley you pedal, unlike a Party Bus the Pedal Party is entirely pedal-powered, often called a Party Bike
Physically, its about the size of a cargo van and travels at an average speed of between 5 dhe 10 miles per hour.

For more information, welcome to contact us .
Company Information

Company profile:
As a 5-year-experienced the bicycle manufacturer from Croatia.
we have our own factory located in Croatia, Vinkovci, Makarska, Eja
Through the hard work from all of experienced employees,our Conference bike, bar bike all have gained high reputation among clients from Europe .
The product is the result of
superior engineers, machinists, welders, mechanics . Top quality from Europe .

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Price 12000 - EUR -
Phone 099-

Pronar: Željko

Adresë: Vinkovci, Kroacia

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