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electro beer bike bus

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  • June 26, 2015



We produce electro party cycle tourist bus, pedal bar, bike pub, unique in Croatia, movable catering shop, Mobile bar with bar
vehicles in category multicikla
15 seats- for 14 people plus the driver-the waiter
the total length of the 4,5 m , the width of 1, 6 m, height 2, 5 m
the ability to customize the performance for the customer
noseča constructions made of steel profiles, the shock absorbers on all four wheels,
upper constructions and aluminium treads, handle made of stainless steel, the bar made of oak.
Drive: pedals and electric motors
on the pedals to move enough one, with an auxiliary electric motor goes without pedaliranja
Electrical power : the solar system
disc brakes and manual parking brake.
easy operation by using the steering wheel
Front and back lighting, controllable led strips in color, Disco light bulb
converter to 220v for multimedia devices, 2 USB port, 4 car port at 12V
SMS gps online monitoring monitoring of the movement of, Remote sms and online nadzorkamerom
production and sales, inquiry by e-mail:
Come, Makarska, Vinkovci,
possibility of transport trailer to your destination

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Here we are:

Price 12000 - EUR -
Phone 099-

Owner: Željko

Address: Come, Croatia

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