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Island Vis – the outmost major island of the Dalmatian archipelago, emerging from the crystal clear blue sea, 50 km away from the Croatian and 150 km from the Italian coast, surrounded by small islands and islets is an agreable and quiet place for your summer vacation.

The Vis channel, 8 km wide, divides Vis from the island of Hvar.
The climate is typically Mediterranean with long, hot and dry summers and short and mild winters.
The average annual temperature is over 16° C.
The Vis archipelago consists of some outstanding open-sea islands: Biševo, Sveti Andrija (St. Andrew), Jabuka, Brusnik, Palagruža…
With its area of 90 square kilometres and 76 nautical miles of indented shore it abounds in sandy and pebbly beaches, rocks, sea and mountain caves, picturesque hills and valleys, vineyards, small villages and two fascinating ancient towns – Vis and Komiža.

All places are well connected by excellent asphalted roads leading around or criss-crossing the island and thus becoming increasingly popular for mountain biking.

The island of Vis, one of the first centres of civilization in this part of the Mediterranean, is also rich in ancient sites and ruins originating from the Illyrians, Greeks and Romans, the predecessors of the Croats who began colonizing the island in the 8th century AD.
On the opposite sides of the island, around two big, natural bays are situated two small towns – Vis and Komiža

Visitors are delighted by the untouched nature of this island, its beauty, secluded and quiet places ideal for rest and recreation.

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Vlasnik: Elena Zelić

Adresa: Vukovo 12,Rukavac,Vis

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